Japan Google Developer Day

I’m getting ready to leave for Japan tomorrow for the Google Developer Day I am presenting at.  Should be some great fun!

I’ll keep this site updated with pictures and how things went.

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Automated Photobooth

I made a photobooth for my brother’s wedding this next weekend.


 The user walks up to the Easy button, presses it and the camera takes 4 pictures.  Wirelessly, the EyeFi pro card transfers images over to the laptop and there is script running in the background to take the images in that directory and print them out with a wedding photo of Andrew and Jenn.

YouTube Preview Image


The whole thing takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds from press of the easy button to print out.  The guests get to keep a cool souvenir, then Andrew and Jenn get to have the pictures afterward stored on the computer.

If you want to get more technical, the script running on the computer is a simple python script looking for 4 images.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to just walk around the place, take 4 pictures, and have them automatically printed.  We will see.


This is basically what is inside the box.  Just replace the mic with the easy button.  There are a couple of transistors and resistors connecting the wires to the 2.5mm Canon Rebel jack.

Edit 8-5-2013: I should have posted code long long ago. Here it is.

Sourcecode for Arduino and Python printing code.

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Tracker available now at trafficpredict.com!

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Arcade Fire Glowing Ball drop at Coachella 2011

Arcade Fire dropped these super cool balls from the sky at the end of the concert at Coachella last night. They were big beach balls that lit up and syncronized with each other. Soooo cool. I have one and took it apart.


Official Video (found another one and youtube takes it down):

My video from inside the ball pit:

YouTube Preview Image


This device made by ESKI Studio has 6 LEDs (3 on the front, 3 on the back), a MIC and it looks like IR receivers and transmitters, and powered by 2 9Volt batteries.  The microprocessor is an ATTINY84 chip.

On the circuit board is PixMob G2 “Summer into Dust” edition v. 1.3 03-2011

I’m looking for ways to turn my device back on, so if you know how, please let me know in the comments!

Arcade Fire is amazing!  These colored beach balls put a cherry on top of their already amazing concert

EDIT:  found a way to turn on the lights again.  Take the Mic, and touch the metal of it to the center line of Q2 for Green, Q3 for Blue and Q1 for Red. (Thanks Matt)

Higher quality pics:

I’m not sure what the device in between the 2nd layer and the clear plastic is.  I think its an IR receiver but I can’t find another one online that looks like it.

Update 4/18 10:27:  I tried playing back the Arcade Fire concert from Coachella’s video feed and nothing happened with the LEDs.

Update 4/19:  Seriously??  Some D-Bag is selling his on EBay for $999 + shipping.  This may be $30 in electronics and a $2 beach ball.

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Android App – Fire Shifts

I wrote a simple app to show the A,B,C schedule shifts for Glendale Fire Department, then added Rancho Santa Fe (Kelly Calendar) and Los Angeles City.

Please visit www.fireshifts.com

12/6/2010 – Added 48/96 hour shift calendar.
12/12/2010 – Added 24/48 hour shift calendar and Denver.
12/14/2010 – Added Marion County FL and Los Angeles County
12/15/2010 – Added 24/72 hour and 24/48 v. B and C, and a 10,10,10000 schedule (Ten, Ten, Ten Thousand)
12/16/2010 – Added 24/72 hour A, B, C and renamed original to D
12/20/2010 – Added custom calendars for Loveland, CO,  Hampton Roads, VA, and Seattle, WA for $0.99 on the market
12/23/2010 – Added custom calendar for Clinton, IA, Jennings, MO, Saline Valley, MO, Roseville, CA and Walla Walla, WA – $0.99

v. 1.0.3 Updated to show now through December 2011
Los Angeles City is ad supported

Los Angeles City also works for:

  • Sheridan fire Dept. in Indiana
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Rural/Metro Knox County, TN

24/48 A. works for:

  • Jacksonville
  • South Charleston, WV FIRE and Charleston, WV FIRE

v. 1.0.5 fixes daylight savings bug.
v. 1.0.6 changed to work forever, including accounting for leap years.  Should continue working well through the year 2999.
v. – updated the font size

Donations welcome:

Custom requests are being put up on the market for $0.99

Current Requests:

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Shuttle Launch

I’m currently in Florida waiting for the shuttle to launch.

Here are some of my pictures.

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