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6 foot hot wire foam cutter

I made a 6 foot long foam hot wire cutter for a project. Finished product:   Hot wire connection point:   Power side:   The cut started out great! then went downhill as we moved left. It stretched and drooped, … Continue reading

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Cat Wheel activity tracker on Strava

My wheel from OneFastCat needed something. I wanted my cat to be able to compete on Strava with other cats but there was nothing available. Strava is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS. So, I made this … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Siphon

I didn’t like the Christmas Tree watering options out there. None had everything I wanted, so I made my own version.  It has been working great for over a week. Tree is all green and happy. I’m happy that I … Continue reading

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Time Warner Cable throttling server downloads

After much research, I’ve found that Time Warner Cable is throttling downloads to my server. Downloading the same 200MB zip file directly from my site, or through a proxy shows 4x speed up using a proxy server. I’ve contacted Bluehost(my … Continue reading

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Automated Photobooth

I made a photobooth for my brother’s wedding this next weekend. Parts Arduino Canon T3i Staples easy button Mitsubishi CP-D70DW dye-sublimation printer EyeFi Pro SD Card 28-105mm lens Protoscrew shield for Arduino Cables Project box Velcro  The user walks up … Continue reading

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Tracker available now at!

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