So here is the story of why I’m going to Japan.  I entered a Google Developer Day contest back in July.  They had 8 different locations around the world, and hundreds of entries.  Somehow, I scored perfect on their round 1 questionnaire, then a week later, they accepted my entry for an idea I proposed using the Android and their new Arduino ADK.   The idea is a wait time system using clipboards and RFIDs, I’m calling it www.escapethewait.com…  more on that after I present it in Tokyo.  Google sent me an Arduino ADK and are giving me a booth at the conference.

Here is my name as a finalist- Google ADK Finalist

I have a 5 minute presentation after the ADK talk, as well as a booth to show off the idea.
GDD Agenda Tokyo

To say the least, I am thrilled for the opportunity and a little nervous.

Wish me luck!   I’ll be back November 8th.

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  1. Mom says:

    You need no luck…your talent stands far above others. Just remember to smile! 🙂
    Wish we could have been there to lend our support.
    Mom and Dad

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