Android App – Fire Shifts

I wrote a simple app to show the A,B,C schedule shifts for Glendale Fire Department, then added Rancho Santa Fe (Kelly Calendar) and Los Angeles City.

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12/6/2010 – Added 48/96 hour shift calendar.
12/12/2010 – Added 24/48 hour shift calendar and Denver.
12/14/2010 – Added Marion County FL and Los Angeles County
12/15/2010 – Added 24/72 hour and 24/48 v. B and C, and a 10,10,10000 schedule (Ten, Ten, Ten Thousand)
12/16/2010 – Added 24/72 hour A, B, C and renamed original to D
12/20/2010 – Added custom calendars for Loveland, CO,  Hampton Roads, VA, and Seattle, WA for $0.99 on the market
12/23/2010 – Added custom calendar for Clinton, IA, Jennings, MO, Saline Valley, MO, Roseville, CA and Walla Walla, WA – $0.99

v. 1.0.3 Updated to show now through December 2011
Los Angeles City is ad supported

Los Angeles City also works for:

  • Sheridan fire Dept. in Indiana
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Rural/Metro Knox County, TN

24/48 A. works for:

  • Jacksonville
  • South Charleston, WV FIRE and Charleston, WV FIRE

v. 1.0.5 fixes daylight savings bug.
v. 1.0.6 changed to work forever, including accounting for leap years.  Should continue working well through the year 2999.
v. – updated the font size

Donations welcome:

Custom requests are being put up on the market for $0.99

Current Requests:

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7 Responses to Android App – Fire Shifts

  1. john moncrief says:

    Like shift calendar, wHat about modified Detroit: 1 on. 1off, 1on 1 off, 1on 4 off?
    Thanx, johnmon…e66c.

  2. Craig Isenhower says:

    I work at Sheridan fire Dept. in Indiana I got the Glindale calendar its the same as SFD. But can you put notes on it thanks

  3. Bryan Brace says:

    Can I change colors on the app, alot of guys have the droid on my dept. just the colors don’t match the shifts currently

  4. Tony Gillan says:

    I work for Marion County Fire Rescue in FL, we have about 500 line personnel. On the app your “A” shift is our “C” shift. Next “A” shift is Wed, 15th Dec. Can you adjust color/dates accordingly?

  5. Joe Lapenna says:

    Can you make an App for our 48/96?


  6. Can you make an App for our 48/96? Thanks Joe.

  7. Andrew Garcia says:

    This is handy since my husband is a fireman and it is easy to look at to make appointments. It is easy to use.

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