Clearman’s Galley – The Boat returns July or August 2008

So it turns out The Boat will be a little late. Originally they told us that it would be back Fall of 2007 but I just talked to a lady at their Corporate Offices, and she told me July or August of 2008.

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are dangerously low. Looking forward to having cheesebread, chicken sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. mmmmm

this image was taken in Janurary 2007:


more images at Flickr

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One Response to Clearman’s Galley – The Boat returns July or August 2008

  1. Coleen Rinehart Winslow says:

    It’s time for the boat to return to port! Some of us ARE suffering from the lack of ambience that was/is “the Boat”. Hopefully by my birthday in
    August a trip will be in order and the Galley back up for business! Please, please, please – bring back the half fried chicken, potatoe wedges, cheesebread, and of course the beer on tap that made watching “the game” (whatever season it might be) so enjoyable!

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