My living room A/C is broken…


it is HOT!

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3 Responses to My living room A/C is broken…

  1. mom says:

    hopefully that wasn’t taken from inside your apartment. =:-o That sure is hot!!!! We’re starting to cool down a bit.
    Turn on a fan with ice in front of it (in a bowl of course). That worked 50+ yrs ago. Guess it can still work today. 🙂

  2. Jan Jones says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It’s much cooler up here in northern Nevada. Come on back and visit again!

    Sorry we didn’t have a chance to talk when you visited the weekend of Casey & Andrew’s wedding. I was rushing off to work that morning & didn’t realize you were there.

    I’m particularly writing today because I need Casey & Andrew’s contact information (email, especially) – can you send it to me here at work (email address above)?

    We missed you on all the rafting trips this summer, as well!

  3. Brysen says:

    Great thinking! That really bekars the mold!

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