I hate Jack Cafferty

cafferty.jackjpg.jpgZAIN VERJEE, CNN ANCHOR:Pluto is 3 billion miles from earth and is the last unexplored planet in our solar system. And Wolf, did you know that it’s actually the only planet that was discovered by a U.S. citizen? Did you know that?

BLITZER: I didn’t know that, but there’s a lot that, Zain, I don’t know. Jack Cafferty probably knew that. Let’s ask Jack.

Jack, did you know that?

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: No, I didn’t actually.

VERJEE: Apparently a guy called Clyde Tombaugh. He was born in Illinois. He was an astronomer. And he discovered Pluto back in 1930, and now his wife, who is something like 93, and her two children, are going to go and watch the launch tomorrow.

CAFFERTY: How has that discovery changed their life?

VERJEE: It’s interesting. It’s interesting to learn it about other planets, and discover what’s out there.

CAFFERTY: Besides that it is interesting. I mean, has it really changed our life? It’s, how many, 3 billion miles away? I mean who cares? You know, spend millions of dollars…

VERJEE: It’s interesting, Jack.


BLITZER: All right. Jack, let’s move on. We got to move on.

CAFFERTY: Hey, Zain, have you ever been in jail?

VERJEE: No, have you?

CAFFERTY: I’m not going to answer that…


I hate Jack Cafferty. He is a moron and a glorified intern. ZAIN and WOLF were having a nice converstation on Pluto, the possibilites of what lies out that far from the Sun, and Jack makes a smart ass, no, asshole comment about what good is it.



Subject: RE: Pluto and who cares
From: “Cafferty, Jack”
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 1:19 PM
To: kevin@…

You should go to Pluto and report back to us.

—–Original Message—–


I care. There are possibilities out at Pluto that are NOT available close to the sun. What happens when you are THAT cold for SOOO LONG? How can something as big as Pluto even stay as a solid object with no heat? It has changed the lives of all the people involved with the probe.

I think you owe an apology to Zain. She’s a nice woman and does not deserve to be treated like that.


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