Me in NYC

I decided to up and leave LA and visit NYC. Just landed last night, took Jet Blue:

JetBlue My airplane
Which HAS to be the best airline in the world. As soon as they turn on the directTV on the plane this is what comes up on Telemundo:
Womens beach volleyball

Even the Safety cards are fun, telling you to introduce yourself to the person next to you.

The DirectTV helped out quite a bit and the 5 hour flight *flew* by.

As for meals, they don’t give you a full meal, but they do give you snacks.

I landed about midnight local time, took about 30 mins to get my bags, then took a supershuttle(not again, took too long to get home) to my hostel right in times square.

I walked around a little bit,
David Letterman
grabbed a sandwich, then went to sleep. Somehow, I don’t understand it at all, but I woke up before 8am, after going to sleep at 3am, and I’m not tired. I got a lot to do!

click here for more first day pics

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  1. Mom says:

    Getting off to a great start I see. Enjoy your trip!

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