I want to control the weather

I had this odd idea spark up that I want to control all the weather in the world and I think it can be done. I’d like to thank Tri for sparking this idea.

I’m taking the scientific Mad-Scientist Approach to this in my bid to control everything in this world:

Basically take the Earth Simulator computer, that predicts weather patterns across the entire world, and modify it to add points where we can add heat, or remove small amounts of heat to create wind. For instance, if you heat up a cold valley, then wind will be produced by the difference in temperature. If you take colder areas from nearby, you can push the cold air into a hotter area, and vice versa, by creating pockets.

I am not a weather expert, but if you simulated the effects on the globe over periods of time, you could easily create weather patterns to remove droughts… Read More

Ok, one of the big applications would be for the most recent fires we had… We could have moved the cold front over quicker, or created an on shore flow by heating up the ocean by some space mangnifying glass that heats up specific places of the ocean.

I really think this idea could work.

Cool down Mountain resorts so I can go snowboarding more often. Even sell weather patterns for certain places like skii resorts, farmers, etc.
Remove famine in 3rd world countries by providing a consistant environment to farm in.
Make Southern California an even better place to live in!

If an George Bush gets a hold of this, he’ll use it as a weapon of mass destruction… heating up countries he doesnt like, tornados, mass flooding, etc.

What I need to do this:
1. Super Computer… estimating 50-100 tFlops Maybe a SETI like project with people running it on their home computers. (fastest computer now is a 30 TFlop earth simulator)
2. Objects in space to heat up certain parts of the earth OR objects on top of hills (mirrors of some sort) to heat up valleys small amounts, few degrees in key points.

Simulate this for a couple weeks, and see what happens.

A butterfly flaps its wings in New York and it rains in San Francisco.
-Chaos Theory – I know, I want to control Chaos, but I think it can work

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7 Responses to I want to control the weather

  1. Tri says:

    We will soon be seeing kevin on cnn demanding that the world pay him large sum of money.

  2. Kevin says:

    Original Transcript of the Idea on 11/1/2003
    Tri (3:48:33 PM): i saw some snow up in the mnts
    Kevin (3:48:37 PM): really???
    Kevin (3:48:39 PM): hmmm
    Kevin (3:48:44 PM): was this in real life…
    Kevin (3:48:48 PM): or were you dreaming?
    Tri (3:50:02 PM): real
    Kevin (3:50:53 PM): very interesting
    Tri (3:50:59 PM): i’m serious
    Tri (3:51:01 PM): look up
    Tri (3:51:10 PM): i think the snow is on mtn baldy
    Kevin (3:51:11 PM): all I see is ceiling
    Tri (3:51:17 PM): hahah
    Kevin (3:51:44 PM): mtn high has 4 new inches
    Kevin (3:51:52 PM): not open yet
    Tri (3:52:13 PM): wat’s the forcast over the next few days
    Kevin (3:52:23 PM): http://travel.yahoo.com/p-ski-533787-mountain_high_ski_resort-i
    Tri (3:52:25 PM): if mtns high has it, big bear gotta hve it, it’s higher no?
    Kevin (3:52:44 PM): nope,
    Tri (3:52:49 PM): y no
    Kevin (3:52:56 PM): usually they don’t get snow until mid december
    Tri (3:53:25 PM): dang, so mtn has it first?
    Tri (3:53:25 PM): ic
    Kevin (3:53:31 PM): ha, it’s probably nothing
    Kevin (3:53:39 PM): 4 inches cant cover ground
    Tri (3:54:30 PM): u can manuver around the mud puddle
    Kevin (3:54:49 PM): we’d be better off going to a sand dune
    Tri (3:54:50 PM): so are all the fires gone?
    Kevin (3:55:00 PM): not all, but most I think
    Kevin (3:55:08 PM): they sent a lot of the fire fighters home
    Tri (3:55:10 PM): it rained pretty hard the yest
    Kevin (3:55:21 PM): yep, that helped out a lot
    Tri (3:55:27 PM): kevin, i have another way tog et rich
    Kevin (3:55:33 PM): CA gets everything when it needs it
    Tri (3:55:42 PM): we need to find a chemical that will induce rain w/in the hr
    Kevin (3:55:44 PM): does this need to be a secure line?
    Kevin (3:55:47 PM): hahaha
    Tri (3:55:49 PM): so if something like this hppens u we canput it out
    Kevin (3:55:51 PM): they have that….
    Tri (3:55:58 PM): so why didn’t they use that?
    Kevin (3:56:02 PM): they seed the clouds to make it rain
    Kevin (3:56:06 PM): there were no clouds
    Kevin (3:56:10 PM): no moisture
    Tri (3:56:21 PM): see, we cn improve on that
    Tri (3:56:29 PM): rain in ANY condition
    Tri (3:56:39 PM): imagine, all the possible apps
    Kevin (3:56:40 PM): take no moisture in the air, and convert it to rain?
    Kevin (3:56:41 PM): hmmmm
    Kevin (3:56:44 PM): how?
    Tri (3:56:46 PM): like yr round snow in big bear
    Tri (3:56:54 PM): rain for farmers
    Tri (3:57:00 PM): putting out wild fire
    Kevin (3:57:06 PM): take the O from the air and shoot H into it?
    Kevin (3:57:14 PM): that’s a lot of H
    Tri (3:57:19 PM): rain for romantic walk w/ loved ones in long trench coats
    Kevin (3:57:28 PM): hahaha,
    Tri (3:57:30 PM): u see all the good apps
    Tri (3:57:32 PM): we’d be rich
    Kevin (3:57:34 PM): always thinking about the ladies
    Kevin (3:57:47 PM): true, and give something back to the community
    Tri (3:57:52 PM): yes
    Tri (3:58:01 PM): money, poons and the community
    Kevin (3:58:11 PM): hmm…
    Kevin (3:58:13 PM): so,,,
    Kevin (3:58:18 PM): how do you propose we do this?
    Tri (3:58:40 PM): well, it’s all about air pressures
    Tri (3:58:50 PM): we create a hugh vaccum
    Tri (3:58:58 PM): to a gush of ari will rush in
    Tri (3:59:02 PM): bringing clouds
    Tri (3:59:04 PM): from somewehre else
    Kevin (3:59:43 PM): from where?
    Tri (3:59:50 PM): or we can go w/ the chain reaction thing where the extraction of one molecule
    Kevin (3:59:53 PM): do you understand how much mass is in a cloud?
    Tri (3:59:55 PM): causes 2 more
    Tri (3:59:58 PM): and so forth
    Kevin (3:59:59 PM): they are tons of pounds
    Tri (4:00:00 PM): and so forth
    Kevin (4:00:09 PM): it’s a LOt of mass
    Kevin (4:00:20 PM): you can’t just muster that out from nothing
    Tri (4:00:23 PM): we will build an enormous fan
    Kevin (4:00:37 PM): to blow the rain from mexico?
    Kevin (4:00:41 PM): actually…
    Tri (4:00:45 PM): any wehre qth has it
    Kevin (4:00:49 PM): I think the fan thing would work
    Kevin (4:01:01 PM): it would have to be distrubuted
    Kevin (4:01:19 PM): lots of small minor redirection of air pockets
    Kevin (4:01:34 PM): that could start and stop wind flow on a moments notice
    Tri (4:01:58 PM): there u go
    Tri (4:02:04 PM): ok, so make it happen
    Kevin (4:02:04 PM): certain areas of heat pockets on parts of artificially cooled areas…
    Kevin (4:02:20 PM): if you could take the earth computer and calc where you need these devices…
    Kevin (4:02:24 PM): it could work
    Kevin (4:02:47 PM): have the computer calc everything to keep the temp of LA lower than 90 year round
    Kevin (4:02:57 PM): it does 30 TFlops…
    Kevin (4:03:17 PM): it should be able to do more than predict weather, but how to change it for the next week
    Tri (4:03:26 PM): see, i just triggered a chain reaction in ur brain
    Kevin (4:03:41 PM): I need more computing power though…
    Kevin (4:03:54 PM): it’ll take about 50-100 TFlops to calc that on the fly…
    Kevin (4:04:11 PM): you could probably do it with mirrors too…
    Kevin (4:04:28 PM): redirecting the suns energy to heat up certain spots more than others…
    Kevin (4:04:32 PM): creating pockets..
    Kevin (4:04:41 PM): all powered by solar energy
    Kevin (4:04:55 PM): thus giving more winds, creating energy and comfort
    Kevin (4:05:00 PM): and rain
    Kevin (4:05:24 PM): how hard do you think this project could be?
    Kevin (4:05:35 PM): am I just ranting, or is it possible?
    Tri (4:06:14 PM): it’d be a matter of just having a huge magnifying glass
    Tri (4:06:16 PM): in space
    Tri (4:06:20 PM): tha’ts do able
    Kevin (4:06:24 PM): naw, not even in space…
    Kevin (4:06:29 PM): just on certain parts of hills
    Tri (4:06:36 PM): not enough
    Tri (4:06:46 PM): u have to have effects on an area
    Kevin (4:06:53 PM): hmmm…
    Tri (4:06:56 PM): in the thousand of sq miles
    Kevin (4:07:12 PM): have the magnifying glass heat up the ocean…
    Tri (4:07:12 PM): to create a front
    Tri (4:07:17 PM): big enough tomove air
    Kevin (4:07:20 PM): making an on shore flow…
    Kevin (4:07:27 PM): hmmmm
    Kevin (4:07:30 PM): genious
    Kevin (4:07:54 PM): or heat up the desert more, to make a pocket to bring the cool air in
    Tri (4:08:01 PM): are we planning to get rich or writting a movie script herre?
    Kevin (4:08:09 PM): I’m not sure
    Kevin (4:08:18 PM): save the planet?
    Tri (4:08:22 PM): this is madness….MADNESS, I TELL YA
    Kevin (4:08:27 PM): hahahaha
    Kevin (4:08:42 PM): ot
    Kevin (4:08:46 PM): it’d work
    Kevin (4:09:23 PM): if we could calc all the weather effects, and watch that with the added heat in certain places, it’s be very cool
    Kevin (4:09:48 PM): I’d love to get my hands on some time on that computer
    Kevin (4:10:01 PM): mmm… 30 TFlops of earth simulating power
    Tri (4:10:27 PM): it’d be veruy complex
    Kevin (4:10:52 PM): yeah, but doable
    Kevin (4:11:04 PM): that’s what’s the computer is for, to make the complex simple

  3. anthony says:

    Kevin, you’re an IDIOT!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Thank you Anthony (I cut my fingers off in a lawn mower) Solorzano. I’ll remember that when I do control the weather.

  5. Isael Hermosillo says:

    i would like to agree with anthony and with kevin. yes, kevin you are an idiot, but if it works out i have some ideas on how ‘we’ can use it to destroy the state of texas.
    and i agree with kevin in that tony is an idiot. who places their fingers in a lawn mower.
    thank you,

  6. Mom says:

    Son, you worry me! But I love you just the same.

  7. Hamid says:

    I wish I could join this cute lil family!
    I’ve had many ideas how earth’s weather getting controlled (or gettin influenced) by human activities but I never thought of an intentional huge change in it. the way my mom says: “The logic works but do u have the hand to shake it!?” I kinda get wht my mom means but this is a proverb from my moms homeland it might not actually make enough sense.

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