I want to control the weather

I had this odd idea spark up that I want to control all the weather in the world and I think it can be done. I’d like to thank Tri for sparking this idea.

I’m taking the scientific Mad-Scientist Approach to this in my bid to control everything in this world:

Basically take the Earth Simulator computer, that predicts weather patterns across the entire world, and modify it to add points where we can add heat, or remove small amounts of heat to create wind. For instance, if you heat up a cold valley, then wind will be produced by the difference in temperature. If you take colder areas from nearby, you can push the cold air into a hotter area, and vice versa, by creating pockets.

I am not a weather expert, but if you simulated the effects on the globe over periods of time, you could easily create weather patterns to remove droughts… Read More

Ok, one of the big applications would be for the most recent fires we had… We could have moved the cold front over quicker, or created an on shore flow by heating up the ocean by some space mangnifying glass that heats up specific places of the ocean.

I really think this idea could work.

Cool down Mountain resorts so I can go snowboarding more often. Even sell weather patterns for certain places like skii resorts, farmers, etc.
Remove famine in 3rd world countries by providing a consistant environment to farm in.
Make Southern California an even better place to live in!

If an George Bush gets a hold of this, he’ll use it as a weapon of mass destruction… heating up countries he doesnt like, tornados, mass flooding, etc.

What I need to do this:
1. Super Computer… estimating 50-100 tFlops Maybe a SETI like project with people running it on their home computers. (fastest computer now is a 30 TFlop earth simulator)
2. Objects in space to heat up certain parts of the earth OR objects on top of hills (mirrors of some sort) to heat up valleys small amounts, few degrees in key points.

Simulate this for a couple weeks, and see what happens.

A butterfly flaps its wings in New York and it rains in San Francisco.
-Chaos Theory – I know, I want to control Chaos, but I think it can work

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