Instant Voice Messaging

I had an idea about a message system that goes straight to the voicemail system, bypassing the user’s voicemail, on request of the sender.

then I thought of the web…

Then I had the idea to add a web based program where you can send IM’s through AIM with short, low quality mp3 files attached to leave messages for people over the internet. The files would be stored on a central server and each user will have a user account to send the files.

I think this would be really cool, and helpful since instant messaging is GREAT but you have to type, and voicemail sucks because you have to go through such a hassel with the menu system. It would be great to leave a voice message for someone where they can hear at their lesuire, quickly, like a text message.

more to come… I think it’ll work and make money, at very least, I’d use it for myself and my friends. giving each person a 2 mb account to upload files.

…. added 5-20-03 6:08pm

I have soo many more ideas for this. I absolutely freaked out Veronique over dinner with how excited I was about this. It could really change the internet.

you wouldn’t have to call someone and have a lengthy conversation, just leave them a message. So many applications. I’m just trying to organize my thoughts on this all before I start coding.

1. Java front end recording from the mic.
2. Java client sends file to server and is stored on the server… bypassing need to have users on-line.
3. Server holds file
4. after it’s uploaded, automatically send the person a URL in AIM with target=self to the filename, or from e-mail. attaching picture if wanted.
5. person on other end hears sound at their leisure.

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