Kevin & Mel!

Kevin + Mel
In less than a week I’ll be married to Melody! So happy.

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Welcome Maddie to the world!


My newest niece. So happy she and Jenn are healthy.

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Christmas Tree Siphon

I didn’t like the Christmas Tree watering options out there. None had everything I wanted, so I made my own version. Christmas Tree Siphon


It has been working great for over a week. Tree is all green and happy. I’m happy that I don’t have to go under the tree ever again.

Science is happy I used it. Feel free to make a version of your own.


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Time Warner Cable throttling server downloads

After much research, I’ve found that Time Warner Cable is throttling downloads to my server. Downloading the same 200MB zip file directly from my site, or through a proxy shows 4x speed up using a proxy server.


I’ve contacted Bluehost(my datacenter) and Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable’s tier 3 support said they do not throttle but had no idea why my issues were happening.

More information on this at my thread on reddit.

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Galaxy S3 Bike Mount

I designed and 3d printed a mount for my Galaxy S3. Works great! Helps me ride around town a lot easier, play ingress, and be a Stravasshole.

galaxy-s3-bike-mount-phone galaxy-s3-bike-mount


I designed this in SolidWorks by subtracting a virtual Galaxy S3 from my design. It would be fairly easy to change it to any other phone.

Instructions on how to download and make your own is on my Thingiverse page.

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Pluggable Proto Screwshield for Arduino

I finished my first prototype of a shield for the Arduino and I think it looks sweet.

Pluggable Proto Screw Shield for Arduino compatible devices.  It expands on the Adafruit Proto Screw Shield and uses pluggable terminal blocks along with screw down points for more industrial applications and cases.


Parts for the Pluggable Proto Screw Shield

  • Custom PCB
  • 4 Male 8-pin Plug-In Vertical Terminals
  • 4 Female 8-pin Plug-Vertical Terminals
  • 2 x 8 pin stackable headers
  • 2 x 6 pin stackable headers
  • 1 Red LED
  • 1 Clear LED
  • 2 x 1k – Resistors 1/4W 5% Carbon Film
  • 1 Reset Switch






 Step 1

Place the stackable headers into the PCB.  They go on the outside holes.



Step 2

Solder all of the headers




Step 3

Place the red LED into the POWER slot and the clear/green LED on the LED slot.  The long lead is the positive side.



Step 4

Solder the LEDs and cut off the extra wire.







Step 5

Place the RESET Switch in the reset switch holes and place both of the resistors in R1 and R2.



Step 6

Solder the resistors and reset switch.  Cut off any extra wire on the resistors.





Step 7

Place the 4 Male 8-pin Plug-In Vertical Terminals around the board as shown and solder the connectors.



Use plenty of solder.





Step 8

Plug in the female sides of the connectors.




Use the proto area to wire projects to the screw terminals.


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