Automated Photobooth

I made a photobooth for my brother’s wedding this next weekend.


 The user walks up to the Easy button, presses it and the camera takes 4 pictures.  Wirelessly, the EyeFi pro card transfers images over to the laptop and there is script running in the background to take the images in that directory and print them out with a wedding photo of Andrew and Jenn.



The whole thing takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds from press of the easy button to print out.  The guests get to keep a cool souvenir, then Andrew and Jenn get to have the pictures afterward stored on the computer.

If you want to get more technical, the script running on the computer is a simple python script looking for 4 images.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to just walk around the place, take 4 pictures, and have them automatically printed.  We will see.


This is basically what is inside the box.  Just replace the mic with the easy button.  There are a couple of transistors and resistors connecting the wires to the 2.5mm Canon Rebel jack.

Edit 8-5-2013: I should have posted code long long ago. Here it is.

Sourcecode for Arduino and Python printing code.

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